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Q: Why use the CFI group?

A: The CFI group offers local experts in the most important economic markets in the world. Partners have the transaction experience, industry expertise, and on-the-ground presence necessary to successfully advise you on your transaction. Our deep network of contacts provides us unparalleled access to buyers, targets, and capital sources around the globe.

Q: How are new members admitted?

A: The admission process for the CFI group is very selective because the success of the CFI group depends on the strength of its members. Candidates undergo an extensive screening process by all current CFI group members. If a mutual fit exists, the potential member will submit a formal application to the CFI group for admission. New members should be middle-market focused and have the capability for cross-border transaction activity.

Q: How are confidential client matters handled?

A: The CFI group places a high degree of importance on confidentiality. Information is shared on a “need to know” basis only. Project names are utilized by all CFI group members to ensure client confidentiality. Formal confidentiality agreements are utilized during the stages when more specific client information is necessary to share. Confidentiality is a high priority topic for all of the CFI group members.

Q: How are fee sharing arrangements structured?

A: The CFI group fee sharing model is unambiguous and justified through the contribution made by the members involved on a project. Fee sharing is an integral aspect of the membership. Clients benefit from the vast resources the CFI group members bring to cross-border transactions. Cross-border transaction teams allow the client to successfully complete an international transaction in a concise, efficient manner. Clients will not incur additional fees because multiple CFI group members are involved on the project. Clients incur market-rate fees with the benefit of an international transaction team.

Q: Who should I contact if I am interested in joining the group?

A: The CFI group is continually looking to expand to new markets. If you are a middle market investment bank with the capability for cross-border transaction activity, please contact Sonja Wesselius, CFI's Business Development Coordinator, at sonja.wesselius@thecfigroup.com to have a preliminary discussion about the CFI group and the admissions process.

Q: Why is there only one member allowed per country?

A: The CFI group is currently structured with territorial exclusivity to protect the interests of the member firms. By giving exclusivity within a country, group members are not in competition with each other for deals which promotes a high level of commitment to the group by that member. Our members must possess a deep network of contacts within that nation, sufficient for all transaction activity that might arise out of their home country. However, in some cases the group may allow multi-membership but only where this adds different expertise to the group and with consent of the existing member firm.

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