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The CFI group is an officially registered ‘Verein’ in Zurich, Switzerland. The CFI operational team is based in Amstelveen, the Netherlands.

Amstelzijde 87
1184 TZ Amstelveen
The Netherlands

General Inquiries
For more information regarding how a CFI group member firm might assist you, please contact Sonja Wesselius, Business Development Coordinator on +31-6-1322 4735 or email at sonja.wesselius@thecfigroup.com.

Membership Inquiries
If you are a middle-market investment bank with the capability for cross-border transaction activity, please contact the Business Development Coordinator, Sonja Wesselius, for a preliminary discussion about the CFI group and the admissions process. Telephone +31-6-1322 4735 or email at sonja.wesselius@thecfigroup.com.

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