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Automotive Newsletter 2018 Q4

Dear Reader!

You are reading the quarterly automotive newsletter of CFI Hungary Ltd., which is an independent M&A and corporate finance consultancy firm. In this publication we will share with you a brief summary of the recent automotive acquisitions and capital market transactions, in order to help the domestic automotive supplier sector’s business decisions with concrete examples and market data analysis.

CFI Hungary Ltd. is a member company of the international CFI Group, which is an active player in the international and domestic automotive M&A market. Our colleagues are possessing decades of industry experience in the Europe and in the relevant markets of the world by having local knowledge and relationships that are now available to companies looking for a domestic investor partner.

Here at CFI, we believe that the industry is going through a significant change: on one hand the technological development is unstoppable, on the other hand we have to be prepared for the end of a positive economic cycle, therefore we think that it is important to publish information about the long-term trends and relevant news of the automotive industry.

I hope you will enjoy reading our newsletter and we can provide you valuable information!

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