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Osuma Henkilöstöpalvelut raised growth financing from KPY

Helsinki – CFI is pleased to announce that they acted as exclusive financial advisor to Osuma Henkilöstöpalvelut in its acquisition of growth financing from KPY.

Osuma Henkilöstöpalvelut is a Finland-based staffing company. The company ensures the availability of personnel for its client companies through staff leasing and direct recruitment. Clients operate in a wide range of industries, including construction, technology and hospitality. Osuma also places talent in specialist positions.

KPY is a long-term investor that develops and expands the operations of KPY-owned companies on an ongoing basis. Its largest holdings include Enfo (provider of IT services), Voimatel (provider of lifecycle services for electrical and data networks and systems), and KPY Novapolis (business hub for hundreds of companies and a workplace for thousands of people).

KPY provided growth financing for Osuma Henkilöstöpalvelut and will become a minority shareholder with a stake of just under 30%. The aim is a long-term partnership without a pre-defined exit target. KPY will bring networks, expertise and capital to Osuma to support growth.

This transaction closed on 12 April 2022.



has raised growth financing from

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