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CFI advised Tisza Automotive in the sale to AD Plastik

Budapest – CFI Hungary is pleased to announce it acted as the corporate finance advisor to TFP Invest and GKM Invest on the sale of Tisza Automotive to Croatian listed plastic goods producer AD Plastik.

TFP Invest and GKM Invest are representing a consortium of the management and the financial investor group of Tisza Automotive. Tisza Automotive is a plastic (injection and blow moulding) components manufacturer with more than 15 years of experience in the automotive industry. It is a leading supplier of Suzuki factory in Hungary and, apart from Suzuki, the most important customers are Bentley and Volkswagen, for which the company is a first level supplier. Key technologies in its single plant at Tiszaújváros, north east from Budapest, are injection moulding and blow moulding.

AD Plastik [ISIN: HRADPLRA0006; Ticker Symbol: ADPL-R-A] is the largest Croatian manufacturer of plastic components for automotive industry listed on the Zagreb Stock Exchange. AD Plastik, now with seven moulding plants in four countries,  offers thermoforming, extrusion and non-wovens processing as well as blow and injection moulding.

The transaction closed on 26 July 2018.



TFP Invest and GKM Invest sold


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