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Samsic RH has acquired Infor Group, an Italian HR management and development specialist

Milan – CFI Italy is pleased to announce that they acted as financial advisor to Samsic RH, a subsidiary of business services group Samsic, in the acquisition of Infor Group, an Italian HR management and development specialist.

Samsic RH, France-based Samsic Group’s HR Division, provides companies with comprehensive HR management support, which includes talent sourcing, training programmes, recruitment, temporary employment, mobility, consulting, and professional coaching.

Infor Group is a HR management and development specialist and offers services in the following fields: talent sourcing, recruitment, professional coaching, recruitment training, task assignment, and HR management and optimisation. The group currently employs more than 70 people in 18 employment agencies in Italy. In 2019, Infor Group generated a turnover of €44 million.

The transaction closed on 19 February 2020.



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