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Tozzi Holding has sold its Tozzi Electrical Equipment business to G&W Electric

Milan – CFI Italy is pleased to announce that they acted as financial adviser to Tozzi Holding when it sold its Tozzi Electrical Equipment Business to G&W Electric.

Tozzi Electrical Equipment designs, manufactures and markets medium voltage electrical equipment, electrical panels and prefabricated medium and low voltage mobile substations, providing innovative and sustainable technical solutions. The company has always invested heavily in Research & Development and produces some of the most innovative products and solutions in the field of electrical equipment and systems. The group has its manufacturing plant in Foggia and in 2018 had a turnover of about 20 million euros, currently employing about 120 people.

G&W Electric, founded in 1905 and headquartered in Bolingbrooks, Illinois, USA, with a direct presence in Canada, Mexico, China, Brazil and India, aims to use Tozzi Electrical Equipment’s personnel, know-how, products and production facilities as the basis for the development of its activities in Europe and to avail itself of the company’s most innovative products, selling them in Asia and Latin America.

This transaction will allow the Tozzi family to concentrate all its financial and managerial resources on the development of Tozzi Green, one of the largest Italian groups in the renewable energy sector and one of the world’s main players in rural electrification, in Italy and also in South America and Africa, geographical areas with a high growth potential.

The transaction closed 20 September 2019.


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