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100 largest Dutch Staffing & HR Services companies 2020


CFI is pleased to announce the ‘Flexmarkt Omzetranglijst top-100 2020’. Together with specialist business magazine Flexmarkt, CFI compiles the annual list of the 100 largest Dutch Staffing & HR Services companies. The list ranks the 100 largest Staffing & HR Services companies based on their 2019 turnover. The list only includes companies that provide their annual turnover to the editors and companies that published their annual figures.

The Flexmarkt Omzetranglijst top-100 is annually compiled by Flexmarkt in close collaboration with CFI. The list provides an overview of small and large Staffing & HR companies offering various types of services. Besides staffing agencies, the list consists of payroll companies, secondment firms, freelance agencies and managed service providers (MSP).

The ‘Flexmarkt Omzetranglijst top-100 2020’ accounts for more than half of the total Dutch Staffing & HR Services market and gives a clear and comprehensive view of the industry.

The 100 largest Dutch Staffing & HR Services companies (in Dutch)



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