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About us

Corporate Finance International (CFI) is a trusted advisor to the middle-market providing worldwide M&A advice on sell-side and buy-side transactions for its clients. CFI was founded in 2006 with a global objective. We continue to build long-term relationships with companies and collaborate with executives who are looking to sell their businesses, raise additional capital, or grow strategically.

Our greatest strength comes from our rich history and partnership with 12 independent investment banks based in 15 different countries. Our goal is to remain local while being able to leverage our international network to maximize value for our clients. This allows us to support the strategy and the development of our clients on a global scale.

CFI encompasses over 200 investment-banking professionals that are proud to be working alongside successful businesses and investors. Each CFI member operates independently which guarantees first-class advice and service.

CFI in a summary:

    • Global reach with local offices in 15 countries.
    • 200 dedicated professionals in the core M&A markets across the Americas, Europe, and Asia.
    • An experienced, partner-owned firm with numerous years of experience.
    • Integrated teams with a deep focus on 16 targeted sectors.
    • A culture that fosters collaboration and long-term personal relationships on a global scale.