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Paper, Plastics & Packaging

Consolidation fueled by circular-economy principles reshapes the global industry

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Paper, Plastics & Packaging

CFI’s Paper, Plastics & Packaging investment bankers are dedicated solely to serving the needs of middle-market transactions within the paper, plastics and packaging industries. Our exclusive focus on Paper, Plastics & Packaging M&A provides value to our clients through a unique and differentiated approach to solving our clients’ needs. Services include sale advisory, acquisition advisory, and transaction planning. The combined experience of our team brings significant advantages over choosing a non-specialised advisor.

We take a long term and holistic approach to managing and executing transactions. CFI takes the time to advise and prepare clients years in advance of a transaction. We differentiate ourselves by providing a higher level of involvement than most of our competitors. Our extensive coverage of these industries has provided us with specialised, in-depth knowledge of the sector dynamics and key players. Our Paper, Plastics & Packaging team covers a full range of plastics materials, processes, and end markets.

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  • “We were fortunate to have John Hart and the PMCF team represent us in this major event in our company’s history. John spent countless hours with us over the last three years, helping us with a multi-year planning process and guidance throughout transaction process. PMCF’s experience in packaging was also very helpful; they know all the key players, understand our industry dynamics, and knew how to best position our unique and special company. We are very pleased with the transaction outcome and PMCF’s guidance throughout the process.”

    Rick Holznecht, shareholder of Panoramic Inc., commented, when Panoramic, Inc. has been sold to Anchor Packaging

  • “We couldn’t be happier with our decision to select PMCF as our M&A advisor. John and his team were instrumental in the successful outcome of this transaction and their packaging expertise proved to be very valuable. We would undoubtedly recommend PMCF to any other packaging businesses considering a transaction.”

    Mike Chereskin, founder of Grand Traverse Container, Inc., noted, when Grand Traverse Container, Inc. has been acquired by Green Bay Packaging Inc.

  • “John Hart and his team played a critical role in helping us to evaluate strategic options and guiding the Company through a transaction process that led to a successful transaction with Finch Paper. They were heavily involved throughout each step of the process to make sure that the French family’s needs were met with this transaction.”

    Jerry French, CEO of French Paper, commented, when French Paper Co. has been acquired by Finch Paper, a platform company of Atlas Holdings LLC.

  • “John Hart and his team were instrumental in helping us select the best partner for Teel and making this a successful transaction for both the company and the Smith family. John Hart and the Plastics & Packaging Group’s expertise in the plastics industry and comprehensive approach enabled us to effectively position Teel’s unique capabilities and growth opportunities. They orchestrated a great process for us and were heavily involved from the early planning stages through every step of the transaction process.”

    Jay Smith, the owner and Chairman of Teel Plastics, said, when Teel Plastics, Inc. has completed a recapitalisation with MPE Partners

  • “John and his team played a critical role in helping us evaluate strategic options and guide the Company through a transaction process with Rohrer. We consider ourselves fortunate to have John Hart and his team on our advisory team and do not believe we would have achieved as successful of an outcome without their involvement. We would highly recommend John Hart and the Plastics & Packaging Group to other packaging companies considering a transaction.”

    Scott Greiwe, the President of Transparent Container, said, when Transparent Container has been sold to Rohrer Industries, owned by ShoreView Industries


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