A ceramics business owned by Showa Denko Materials has been sold to Japan Fine Ceramics

Tokyo – CFI is pleased to announce that they acted as exclusive financial advisor to Showa Denko Materials in the sale of its ceramics business to Japan Fine Ceramics.

Showa Denka Materials Co manufactures and sells a wide range of chemical products which include materials for semiconductors and LCDs, industrial materials, and processed synthetic resins. The company operates primarily in South East Asia.

Japan Fine Ceramics manufactures ceramics for electronic uses. This includes engineering Ceramics that utilize thermal and mechanical properties, and Metal Ceramics Composite Material, which combined the resistance to heat of ceramics with the pliability of metal. They provide ceramic materials to a wide range of fields, including general industrial machinery, electronics, automobiles, and optical communication.

This transaction closed on 31 January 2022.

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