Amana has sold shares to Infinity Brand Capital

Tokyo – CFI has acted as exclusive financial advisor to Amana in the third-party allocation of shares to Infinity Brand Capital.

Amana Inc., based in Japan, is primarily involved in the visual communication business. This entails planning and producing various visual content, including still images, computer-generated (CG) graphics, moving pictures, television commercial messages (TVCM), websites, and applications for smart devices, catering to the advertising industry and general businesses. Moreover, the company undertakes consignment sales of photographs and illustrations from copyright holders, including contract photographers and illustrators. Additionally, Amana Inc. is involved in the sales of creative materials such as videos and fonts.

With this allocation of shares, Amana Inc. expects to receive ¥594 million in funding.

This transaction closed on 1 December 2023.

This transaction was advised by:

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