Growth Dietary Supplements (“Black Skull”), a market leader and quality reference for sports nutrition products, has raised capital from a group of qualified investors

São Paulo – Corporate iInance International (‘CFI’) is pleased to announce that they acted as the exclusive advisor to Growth Dietary Supplements (“Black Skull”) on an approximate EUR 20m capital raising from a group of qualified investors, in order to execute its business plan to strengthen its market channels presence, develop its digital strategy, and expand its product portfolio to reach a larger customer base in the wellness segment.

Black Skull is a market leader and quality reference for sports nutrition products in Brazil and Latin America, with plants in Brazil and the US. Its headquarters are located in Embu das Artes – São Paulo, with more than 12,000 sqm of built area and high production capacity. Focuses on food supplement brands dedicated to high performance athletes, offering products with top-notch raw materials with higher concentration of inputs, which provide higher levels of purity and consequently optimize the quality of the finished products.

The investors group was composed of qualified high net worth individuals, shareholders to Mondial, a leading Brazilian consumer electronics manufacturing company in several segments of portable appliances. It serves the entire national market, exports to 21 countries and its main goal is to provide consumers with the best cost-benefit ratio in the market, maintaining high product quality with innovative design.

The transaction closed in August 2020.

This transaction was advised by:

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