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Klingenburg GmbH and Klingenburg International Sp. z o. o. on the sale of their shares to Carel Industries S.p.A

Düsseldorf – CFI is pleased to announce that it successfully advised the owners of the Klingenburg Group on performance optimisation and as M&A lead advisor throughout the sale process to the publicly listed Carel Industries S.p.A..

The Klingenburg Group consists of Klingenburg GmbH, its sister company Klingenburg International Sp.z.o.o. with production sites in Germany and Poland and sales companies in Spain, UK and USA. The Klingenburg Group is a leading manufacturer of air-conditioning products ranging from energy recovery to air humidification and air purification. The focus here is on the manufacture of rotary heat exchangers for the recovery of thermal energy.

100% of the shares were sold to Carel Industries. Carel, based in Italy and listed on the Milan Stock Exchange, designs, manufactures and markets technologically advanced components and solutions for air conditioning, refrigeration and cooling systems. The Carel Group comprises 29 international subsidiaries and operates 10 production sites worldwide.

The acquisition by Carel strengthens the growth perspective of the Klingenburg Group and supports the expansion of international sales through Carel’s global presence. In addition, there is synergy potential in development, production and sales. Together, the two companies make a valuable contribution to resource-saving energy use in industry, on the road and at home.

This transaction closed on 2 September 2022.



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