KPMS Bouwadvies has been sold to INNAX

Amsterdam – CFI is pleased to announce it acted as the exclusive corporate finance advisor to KPMS Bouwadvies (“KPMS”) in its sale to INNAX.

About KPMS
KPMS is a leading full-service engineering partner specialising in architecture, project, and construction management, located in Heerenveen, the Netherlands. KPMS is actively engaged in various end markets, including new construction, renovation, restructuring, and architectural consulting. Clients include healthcare institutions, education, housing corporations, industry, developers, retail, and contractors.

INNAX is a multidisciplinary building sustainability expert with offices in Veenendaal, Heerenveen, Tilburg, and Baarn, the Netherlands. As an independent partner, INNAX provides solutions for every step in the sustainability process: from data collection and analysis to financing, realisation, and monitoring. INNAX is a Paris Proof Partner of the Dutch Green Building Council and is committed to a Paris Proof built environment by 2040.

About the transaction
After years of building a strong regional brand, Owner and Director of KPMS Evert Koopmans decided to take a step down and retained CFI to support with the process of finding a new owner for the company. The acquisition by INNAX leads to a broadening of KPMS’ service offering including innovative solutions in the field of sustainability. For INNAX, the acquisition signifies an expansion of expertise in building construction and project management. Both parties are delighted with this step and the added value it brings to clients in the sustainability challenge. 

Evert Koopmans remarks: “Our consultancy firm has undergone significant development since 2005 and is ready for a new phase. Joining forces with INNAX creates many new opportunities for both our team and our clients. KPMS is known for its problem-solving approach and commitment, qualities that align well with the core values of INNAX.” 

Jaap van Rhijn, Director of INNAX Buildings, states: “When making buildings built before 1990 sustainable, significant architectural interventions are necessary to meet the Paris Proof standard. The integration of KPMS allows us to incorporate construction, renovation and architectural consulting into the technical solutions we already provide.”

CFI’s role in the process
In facilitating this transaction, CFI played a central role in finding the new partner, shaping the deal, and navigating negotiations to an optimal transaction structure for the seller. CFI identified synergies that maximised value for both parties, ensured a transparent and collaborative atmosphere throughout the process, resulting in a successful transaction on 29 November 2023

Evert Koopmans on the advisory services of CFI: “Working with CFI was a game-changer. Their expertise, attention to detail, and dedication to our success were unparalleled. They not only met but exceeded my expectations, and I look back on an exciting journey.”


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