NMi Group has acquired TrustCB

Amsterdam – CFI is pleased to announce it acted as the exclusive corporate finance advisor to NMi Group (‘NMi’), a portfolio company of Levine Leichtman Capital Partners (‘LLCP’), in the acquisition of TrustCB.
About NMi
NMi (‘het Nederlands Meetinstituut’) is the leading independent specialist for legal metrology testing and inspection services in Europe and a trusted brand globally. NMi specialises in type approval & certification, verification & calibration and consultancy services covering a broad range of advice on complex regulations and accreditations, especially in fast-growing markets driven by themes such as Energy Transition, Connectivity & Digitalisation and NextGen Mobility. NMi is headquartered in Delft, the Netherlands and has cultivated the industry’s most experienced and knowledgeable workforce. 

About TrustCB
TrustCB, one of only four Certification Bodies globally authorised for the highest Common Criteria certification level (EAL7), provides swift, reliable certification. With 45 years of expertise, TrustCB evaluates IT security products, processes, and services. It extends its adaptability to diverse sectors, including MIFARE, IoT, and automotive, ensuring compliance with international standards. This tailored approach expedites certification timelines, enabling timely product launches and mitigating financial risks.

About the transaction
With a commitment to playing a leading role in shaping the future of measuring equipment, NMi strategically advances its position through acquisitions and ongoing innovations. The acquisition of TrustCB is a key component of NMi’s broader strategy initiated in 2021 with UK-based Young Calibration, followed by Chamois Metrology in 2022. This move reinforces NMi as the premier provider of certification services for the evolving landscape of digitally integrated and smart devices.

Furthermore, this alignment underscores NMi’s dedication to a comprehensive approach, integrating legal metrology and Common Criteria standards to ensure the overall reliability and integrity of smart industrial devices. With the backing of LLCP, NMi will further pursue its international growth ambitions.

CFI’s role in the process
Based on a longstanding relationship between NMi and CFI, marked by the successful collaboration on two prior acquisitions, CFI was invited by NMi to orchestrate the pursuit of a technological partner in the Cyber Security domain. CFI subsequently coordinated the process and led the negotiations, which resulted in a successful transaction with TrustCB on 19 January 2024.

Yvo Jansen, NMi CEO, conveyed gratitude for the collaborative effort, stating, “The strategic discussions we’ve had with CFI over the years have been invaluable. Their detailed approach to due diligence, market insights, and negotiation prowess were critical elements in achieving a successful outcome. The long-term relationship we’ve maintained, coupled with their effective approach, truly sets them apart. I appreciate their support, and the results speak for themselves.”


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