Spectra has undergone a refinancing from NatWest

Cardiff – CFI UK is pleased to announce that they acted as lead financial advisor to Spectra, in securing a new banking partner to fund significant growth opportunities.

Spectra is a leading international solutions provider of secure voice, data and satellite communications to locations with limited or compromised infrastructure. Working within the defence & security sector, Spectra specialises in delivering comprehensive, robust and reliable solutions to create secure communication networks in the most austere environments. Spectra’s award-winning SlingShot products provides users with an effective and straightforward way to achieve secure and tactical communications.

Following a period of impressive growth, the Company is now targeting strategic acquisitions to complement its existing organic growth opportunities. Acquisitions will be targeted to enable Spectra to add to its product range and access new markets. In addition to supporting the company’s acquisition strategy, NatWest will provide funding for property improvements to Spectra’s manufacturing facilities.

The transaction closed on 27 September 2019.

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