TOPPAN Edge has entered a capital and business alliance with Densan

Tokyo – CFI has acted as exclusive financial advisor to TOPPAN Edge in its entering a capital and business alliance with Densan.

TOPPAN Edge is a company with a wealth of technology and expertise in the realms of business forms and data print services, honed over numerous years. This serves as a solid foundation for an information solutions company dedicated to optimizing information transmission for our clients. Their diverse range of information-based services spans the integration of printed and electronic documents, utilization of information media such as RFID and IC, and the development of products compatible with printed electronics technologies.

Founded in 1966, Densan offers services for storing, monitoring, processing, and providing information, along with communication services. Additionally, they sell and rent communication equipment, processing equipment, peripherals, and operating software.

This transaction closed on 1 December 2023.

This transaction was advised by:

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