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From inception in 2006 to today, CFI has always been committed to ensure quality and culture. CFI spends substantial management time in proactively and thoughtfully determining how we can service our clients in the best possible way. This includes consistent investments of time and resources to strengthening our geographical reach, sector expertise, service offerings and professional acumen. The founding members of CFI are still with the firm, since opening our doors in 2006. And from this conviction we are proud to continue working with some of the most successful companies, entrepreneurs and investors around the globe.

A brief summary of CFI’s history:

2006 – CFI founded

CFI was formed by experienced bankers from the United States (PMCF), Germany and Switzerland (Helbling) and the Netherlands (MBCF), with a long history of working together. Ever since, they steadily grew the firm by selectively adding new geographies and teams to the group.

2007 – Targeted European expansion

CFI expands into Portugal (Tradinveste), as into the United Kingdom (Gambit), substantiating CFI’s Western European presence.

2008 – Further growth in Asia

Country teams were added in India (Aarayaa).

2009 – 2013 Building a pan-European base

France (Athema) was included in the group whilst adding country teams from Poland (Saski Partners) in 2011 increased CFI’s footprint in Eastern Europe.

2013 – 2015 Bolstering presence in Latin America

CFI expanded in 2013 with country teams in Brazil (TFCF). The inclusion of Latin America meant a huge leap forward in worldwide coverage.

2017 – Expanding into Asia and strengthening the European base

CFI’s Asian coverage was enormously increased by teaming up with Frontier Management in Japan at the beginning of 2017. Our Japanese colleagues provide a very strong partnership to the rest of CFI. Full coverage of the Iberian Peninsula was covered with inclusion of the country team in Spain (Fidentiis Capital) in the summer of 2017, also securing a strong bridge to Latin America. Additionally, Saxum in Hungary and Romania joined CFI.

2018 – Integration in one global brand

Nordic presence strengthened with inclusion of Censor AB in Sweden. Several CFI firms integrate the global CFI brand as their primary brand, locally and abroad.

2019 – Increased cross border collaboration

CFI deepens and expands collaboration by international sector teams.