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Eco-oh! Group has sold a minority interest to Bionerga NV

Brussels – Corporate Finance International (‘CFI’) is pleased to announce that they acted as exclusive financial advisor to the shareholders of Eco-oh! Group in forging a strategic partnership with Bionerga, sealed by the sale of a minority interest to Bionerga NV. The partnership forms the basis for important growth on the basis of an ambitious investment program.

Eco-oh! Group is an industry-leader in the recycling of post-consumer plastic waste. The waste is processed into near-virgin quality (re)granulates on the basis of which new products can be made.

Bionerga NV, ultimately owned by local authorities and the province of Limburg (Belgium) is a key Belgian player in the processing of consumer and organic waste. Bionerga operates composting faclities, incinineration ovens and biogas installations.

The transaction closed on 21 December 2020.


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