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Mowi ASA has sold its subsidiary Mowi Dunkerque Appéti Marine to Sofipêche

Paris – Corporate Finance International (‘CFI’) is pleased to announce that they acted as exclusive financial advisor to the Mowi ASA group in the divestment of a majority stake in Mowi Dunkerque Appéti Marine to Sofipêche.

Founded in 1993, Mowi Dunkerque Appéti Marine produces and markets frozen prepared meals based on fresh fish (mainly salmon). The products are premium frozen or refreshed ranges of value-added products such as canapés, tartars, carpaccio and paupiette.

Mowi Dunkerque Appéti Marine, which achieved a turnover of almost €10 million in 2020, marketed 550 tons of finished products, mainly under private labels and its own brands “Appéti Marine”, “Olav’s”. The company has an IFS Food certified production and storage site of over 4,000 m² with 3 IQF freezing lines and employs nearly 70 people. The products have different labels: MSC, ASC, Global GAP, AB and RSPCA.

Based in Boulogne-sur-Mer, Sofipêche is a family holding company run by the Wattez family that owns companies specialized in seafood products. The group developed by acquiring fish trading companies and by creating its own inshore fishing company. The business volume generated by the group is 50 million euros for 95 employees in 2020.

Sofipêche incorporates the following companies:

  • Eskimo: specialist in portionable hand-cut salmon
  • Vadet: expertise in quality hand-filleting (white fish)
  • Uni Marée: filleting of white fish in France and Italy
  • Armement Boulonnais: fishing boat operator
  • Normandie Mer: sourcing and preparation of scallops in half-shells, white or coral shells, either fresh or frozen.

Mowi Dunkerque Appéti Marine will be managed by Audrey Moitry, former manager of La Charlotte, Senoble group. The newly acquired company will continue to source salmon from the Mowi Group.

The transaction closed on 16 August 2021.



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