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Pindustry and Valveco entered into a partnership

Amsterdam – CFI is pleased to announce it acted as the exclusive corporate finance advisor to Pindustry in entering a partnership with Valveco.

About Pindustry
Pindustry is an independent investment company that invests in Benelux, United Kingdom and Germany based companies, that develop innovative industrial products with a turnover of up to EUR 50 million. The founders of Pindustry share the ambition to support innovative industrial companies by forming a team together with the management to achieve their goals. The owners of Pindustry are the sole investors. They consider themselves as entrepreneurs with committed capital and take pride in the companies they invest in.

About Valveco
Valveco is a leading international supplier of valves, actuators, pipe couplings, vent caps, flanges and services for the maritime and offshore sector. In addition to supplying new products, Valveco covers all aspects of machining, welding, assembly, inspection, testing and repair. The head office, located in Barendrecht, organises central sales and stock. Offices for technical support and product supply from stock are located strategically in Portugal, Poland, Spain and the United States of America.

About the partnership
The partnership is a logical step for the family business Valveco, which can now count on Pindustry’s expertise in internationalisation, industrial marketing, product development and purchasing. With this, Valveco increases its growth opportunities and strengthens its international competitive position. Valveco and Pindustry entered into a partnership effective 10 October 2022.

CFI’s role in the process
Following strategic discussions with Pindustry on their M&A objectives, CFI came across this opportunity and identified it as a perfect fit. Subsequently, CFI initiated contact, discussions and negotiations on a partnership with Valveco owners. After agreement on terms, CFI coordinated the extensive due diligence to successfully complete the transaction.

Tjalko Reedijk, Managing Partner Pindustry, added: “When we invest in a company, we do really go for it. We work as partners with management teams in order to get the best out of the company. Where can you grow? With what and how? For example, by operating in more or other countries? By expanding sales and marketing activities? Or By working differently? Our time horizon is open, we just want to realize growth. CFI established the contacts with Valveco, saw the good fit with our company DNA and executed the transaction seamlessly.”


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