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Acciones Industriales

La industria 4.0, las fábricas inteligentes e Internet están evolucionando. Las compañias nicho locales se enfocan al crecimiento internacional, los compañías más grandes están divididas entre su ambición de ofrecer soluciones de tecnología punta a los clientes y la creciente presión de consolidación dentro de la industria. Nuestro equipo de CFI apoya la determinación de una estrategia internacional de compra y construcción, en adquisiciones entre paises, escisiones y ventas. Nuestros expertos en tecnología y nuestra amplia red en la industria impulsarán su negocio.

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  • Johan Huwaert, CEO of Garmat commented, “We worked with CFI USA for over a year to prepare for and execute this transaction, and the value they brought by providing a superior preparation process, in depth industry knowledge and management of the entire process exceeded our expectations and was absolutely critical to creating this outcome. We couldn’t have selected a better advisor.”

    Johan Huwaert, CEO of Garmat

  • “Working with CFI USA, we realized early on the value they brought to the transaction throughout every stage of the process, from pre-transaction planning to management of the entire sale process. Their industry and transaction expertise ensured a smooth process, successfully addressing deal obstacles along the way to provide a positive outcome for all parties.”

    Tom Murray, shareholder of Hosco Fittings’, Classic Precision’s, and Integrated Dispense Solutions’ when the three entities has been acuired by by Carlisle Fluid Technologies, a division of Carlisle Companies

  • «We hired CFI USA several years ago to not only lead this transaction, but advise our board and management as we prepared to exit the business. We observed CFI USA’s knowledge of our business, management of the process, and transaction experience firsthand, and we value their contributions to this successful transaction.”

    Eric Peterson, shareholder of PAC, said when Peterson American Corporation has been acquired by MiddleGround Capital

  • “We are very happy with our decision to hire John Hart and his team as our M&A advisor. They are clearly experts in the packaging industry and knew how to best position a unique company like ours to the right group of prospective buyers. They provided heavy senior level involvement throughout each stage of the process and were instrumental in making this a successful transaction for us. We would highly recommend John Hart and the Plastics & Packaging Group to other packaging companies considering a transaction”

    Greg Magnell, CEO of Plymouth Packaging on its sale to WestRock Company


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