Eureden has sold fruit and vegetable kiosk company La Fraîcherie to Vertu Food

Paris – CFI is pleased to announce that it acted as exclusive financial advisor to Eureden Group in its sale of La Fraîcherie to Vertu Food, sealing the union of two pioneering Lyon companies in the field of fresh cut fruit and vegetables and healthy snacking options.

Created in 2014, La Fraîcherie is a company specializing in fresh cut fruit and vegetables. It operates 27 kiosks in several major retail brands, with Auchan as their main client. Since its creation, La Fraîcherie has demonstrated its know-how in the service of healthy, plant-based eating.

Initially taken over by the Eureden Group in 2019, La Fraîcherie is now entering a new phase in its history with its acquisition by Vertu Food in 2024. The founding partners, Adrien Moyne and Arthur Maurel, alongside Jean-Luc Tivolle, share a common and ambitious vision: creating a leading group on the “eat well” market in supermarkets.

This strategic acquisition aims to offer consumers a unique experience, combining freshness, quality and practicality. Vertu Food and La Fraîcherie intend to redefine the standards of fresh cuts and healthy snacking in supermarkets, affirming their undisputed leading position in the sector. This alliance marks a significant turning point in the growth of Vertu Food, highlighting its commitment to healthy and accessible food for all. Through this acquisition, Vertu Food accelerates its deployment and establishes its legitimacy as a key player in the “eat well” market. Vertu Group aims to install around a hundred kiosks by 2026 through a deployment in supermarkets and other retail channels.

This transaction closed on 29 February 2024.


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