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Liekens has acquired Forma-Rent

  • Provider of long-term rental temporary sanitary solutions

  • Succesfully enabling acceleration through buy and build

  • Strengthening market leading position in Belgium


About Liekens

Liekens, founded in 1930, is the Belgium market leading provider of temporary and portable solutions for toilets, showers and sanitary containers. Liekens has seven service points to deploy approximately 10,000 toilet cabins across Belgium. It serves a wide range of customers, including rental, construction and transportation companies.

About Forma-Rent

Forma-Rent is a Belgium provider of temporary and portable solutions for toilets and all other sanitary necessities mainly for the construction industry. The family-owned business operates from its base near Maldegem and has over twenty years of experience in the industry, with a strong footprint in East and West Flanders.

About the transaction

Liekens aims to expand its presence in Belgium by strengthening its network and providing the best and most reliable service experience. With the acquisition of Forma-Rent, Liekens has found a partner to bolster its leading position in the Belgian market.

CFI’s role in the process

Following strategic discussions with Liekens on their M&A objectives, CFI initiated contact, discussions and negotiations on the acquisition of Forma-Rent, which included a partial demerger. Subsequently, CFI coordinated the due diligence to successfully complete the transaction on 14 April 2023.

Fred Hoeks, Director at Liekens: “Through collaborative efforts with CFI, we have successfully completed multiple deals in Belgium. With their support, we identified a strategic partner for Liekens to provide services of even higher quality within the long-term rental sector and achieve national coverage. Once again, CFI has delivered a successful transaction by leveraging their excellent relationship management, coordination, and support, resulting in the desired outcome for all stakeholders.”


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