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Healthcare & Life Sciences

Complex market dynamics and aging demographics create sustained healthcare demand

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Healthcare & Life Sciences

In the Healthcare & Life Sciences sector, it takes a highly focused approach to execute a transaction efficiently. The constant monitoring of new procedures, technology and product development, and overall market trends is required to stay on top of the healthcare industry. Our Healthcare & Life Sciences team brings this dedication and market knowledge to every transaction. CFI has significant transaction expertise in the medical device, biopharmaceutical, and health care sectors. CFI also has a proprietary healthcare consulting service offering which affords us a unique perspective into the industry. Our healthcare services include growth capital, targeted acquisition search, intellectual property / product line divestitures, and strategic sale advisory.

Our extensive sector knowledge and transaction experience span the following domains:

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  • “The process led by them resulted in a number of unique opportunities for Susan and me to choose a great acquisition partner. Their knowledge of the medical contract manufacturing industry was the reason we hired Phil Gilbert and his team, and was instrumental in positioning Mountainside appropriately with high-quality potential partners. Their focus on serving the owners’ and employees’ best interests was evident from day one, and I would highly recommend this group to any company exploring a potential transaction.”

    Pete Neidecker, the Co-Founder and outgoing Executive Vice President of Mountainside remarked, when Mountainside Medical has been acquired by Tecomet, a portfolio company of Genstar Capital

  • “They demonstrated consistent professional and practical guidance and counsel. Their service and expertise have been characterized by responsive and creative solutions throughout the entire period of our transaction process. The shareholders of RespirTech are grateful and deeply appreciate the professional capabilities demonstrated by the group and in particular by the team.”

    Dr. James Ehlen, CEO of RespirTech, commented, when RespirTech, a portfolio company of Whitecliff Capital Partners, has been acquired by Royal Philips

  • „The process led by John Gilbert and his team allowed us to choose the perfect acquisition partner for W&F. Their expertise and significant involvement throughout the entire process was instrumental in making this transaction a success for all parties involved.”

    Steve Filippis, the Executive Vice President of Business Development at Wright & Filippis noted, when Wright & Filippis has sold its Specialty Seating and Mobility division to National Seating & Mobility, a portfolio company of Court Square Capital Partners L.P.


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