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Instrumart, LLC has been sold to Flow Control Group, a portfolio company of KKR

Denver, CO – CFI USA (P&M Corporate Finance, LLC) is pleased to announce that it served as the exclusive investment banker to Instrumart LLC (“Instrumart” or the “Company”) in its sale to Flow Control Group (“FCG”), a portfolio company of KKR & Co. Inc. (“KKR”).

Founded in 1988 in Burlington, Vermont as a specialty test & measurement instrumentation distributor, Instrumart’s industry leadership in e-commerce traces back to 1998 as an early adopter of online sales. Instrumart’s motto of “There’s an engineer behind everything we sell” speaks to the Company’s deep experience in consultative selling to B2B customers seeking assistance in designing complex industrial assemblies with exacting parameters around the compatibility of machinery and systems. Instrumart’s proprietary parts configurator, artificial intelligence-based marketing engine, and engineering know-how combine to create excellent customer loyalty and entrenchment as B2B procurement increasingly moves online.

Headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, Flow Control Group is a leading solutions provider focused on technically-oriented products and services for the flow control, industrial automation, and life sciences industries with locations throughout North America. As a critical intermediary between suppliers and customers, FCG’s highly trained sales & services teams serve an essential function in solving challenging problems for customers in diverse end markets and applications.

“The partnership between Instrumart and FCG is a natural fit,” remarked Robert Berman, Founder & CEO of Instrumart. “The two companies look forward to leveraging their strengths in e-commerce and engineering support across an array of adjacent product categories.”

PMCF served as exclusive investment banker to Instrumart, managing the entire transaction process. Mr. Berman added, “We hired PMCF to guide us through this important transaction. PMCF identified the right potential partners for Instrumart and provided direct senior level attention and expert advice throughout the process. PMCF’s industry experience and fast responsiveness throughout the transaction created an extremely efficient process. Ultimately, this enabled Instrumart to enter into a partnership perfectly aligned to drive incremental growth with FCG, while maintaining our superior customer service and status as a recognized employer of choice in Burlington.” Joe Wagner, Managing Director of PMCF, added “Instrumart is a unique business with a disruptive business model. Telling the Company’s story to the market was an enjoyable experience. We are pleased Mr. Berman placed his trust in our team to execute the most important transaction of his career.”

The transaction closed on 6 June 2022.

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