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Cama Building, 1st Floor
24/26 Dalal Street, Fort
Mumbai – 400 001
T: +91 22 40770777


CFI India is an investment bank that focuses on assisting companies in their investments in and out of India. We help Indian companies in their effort to globalise their operations and assist foreign companies with their entry into India. We provide a vast array of services ranging from finding acquisition targets to setting up operations in target jurisdictions, from fund raising to restructuring, valuation to tax planning of cross border investments. CFI India is ranked as one of the leading M&A advisers in India in several league tables and has won several awards for being recognised as one of the best investment banks in India. CFI India consists of a professional team from various disciplines such as management graduates, lawyers, and chartered accountants to deliver seamless cross-border services. We have an established network with investment bankers, accountants, and lawyers in various countries, which we use effectively to provide local counsel. We understand the impact of valuations, various laws, and tax structures on businesses. After managing various projects, we are aware of the critical issues like protection and location of intellectual property and potential exit strategies such as M&A or an IPO. This deep understanding of business has influenced our services. We not only help our clients commit to the best business strategies, but we also discuss various options while establishing overseas operations.

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Orientation sectorielle

CFI utilise une orientation sectorielle spécialisée qui soutient une compréhension approfondie des tendances, des innovations récentes et des réglementations fluctuantes affectant nos clients. Favorisant une culture de collaboration en temps réel au sein du cabinet, CFI s’organise en 16 équipes sectorielles internationales.

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