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Thanks to a very open economy and being the world’s fifth largest exporter, cross-border investments and cross-border M&A are well rooted in the DNA of the Dutch economy. Our CFI team in The Netherlands prides itself on building long-term relationships in select key vertical markets and employs a through-the-cycle focus on the HR Services, Software & IT Services, and Industrial services sectors. Our senior team of experienced M&A professionals guides clients through their M&A processes while adding value and advice.

CFI Netherlands excels in M&A sellside, buyside and debt advisory thanks to its dedicated focus. Due to a constant flow of transactions in our sectors, we foster an ethos of frequent strategic dialogues with relevant buyers and the private equity community. This gives us unparalleled knowledge in crafting the ‘right’ equity story for strategic buyers and private equity bidders, and defending it. In parallel, our extensive network and contacts across the ecosystem make us an invaluable partner for (cross-border) buyside M&A. We are able to target our client’s ideal candidates, and utilise our local network in our key vertical markets to our client’s benefit.

We combine our passion for deals with a strong financial acumen, which we showcase when we accompany our clients with independent advice on raising debt, equity or mezzanine capital for M&A or restructuring purposes.

We’re one of the proud founders of CFI in 2006 and as pioneering entrepreneurs we remain committed to the firm to date.

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CFI utilise une orientation sectorielle spécialisée qui soutient une compréhension approfondie des tendances, des innovations récentes et des réglementations fluctuantes affectant nos clients. Favorisant une culture de collaboration en temps réel au sein du cabinet, CFI s’organise en 16 équipes sectorielles internationales.

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