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For business opportunities in Italy, please contact CFI France, Jean-Marc Teurquetil.


CFI Italy helps middle market companies reach their potential through strategic financial advisory and M&A services. Italy’s increasingly positive economic gains have resulted in robust M&A transactions for domestic and international companies. CFI Italy is prepared to handle this massive uptick in both local and cross-border transactions. Mergers and acquisitions become more complex when they occur between two companies located in different countries. We work together with our international CFI colleagues to minimize business disruption and maximize value for all stakeholders. With our sector teams and our specialized working methods, we are able to deliver your business, either small or midcap, to the right partner at the perfect conditions, maximizing your return. In addition, we offer debt advisory and valuation services. Our debt advisory team can assist in raising debt or mezzanine capital for M&A and restructuring purposes. Our expert valuation team is suited to handle all valuation issues, either for M&A, tax or reporting purpose.

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Orientation sectorielle

CFI utilise une orientation sectorielle spécialisée qui soutient une compréhension approfondie des tendances, des innovations récentes et des réglementations fluctuantes affectant nos clients. Favorisant une culture de collaboration en temps réel au sein du cabinet, CFI s’organise en 16 équipes sectorielles internationales.

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