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CH-8048 Zürich
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Switzerland is one of the most attractive business locations in the world and constantly ranked as the most innovative country in the Global Innovation Index. It offers a favorable investment environment, a skilled work force, an excellent infrastructure, and outstanding universities and research institutes. Taxes are relatively low and with a stable currency and consumer prices. Switzerland is a relatively small country in terms of population, however hosts some of the largest global companies in sectors such as food, pharmaceuticals and machinery as well as most of the world’s luxury watch manufacturers – and probably the globally most revered currency, the Swiss Franc. CFI Switzerland has many years of experience in dealing with acquisitions and divestitures. It has realised corporate value in over 400 successful M&A transactions to date. Moreover, with its turnaround and restructuring skills, it has rescued more than 300 firms from crises that threatened their existence and put them back on track for success. Its integrated approach to strategy and business processes ensures that it offers targeted corporate finance services. CFI Switzerland has its focus on medium-sized, technology-oriented companies, many of owned and operated by families. CFI Switzerland is an independent M&A advisor supported by the complementary competencies of the Helbling Group, Switzerland’s largest independent engineering and consulting group with revenues in excess of EUR 100 million. Headquartered in Zurich, with offices in Germany, China, and the US, the Helbling Group employs more than 500 professionals in the fields of management consulting, M&A, turnaround management, innovation/product development, information technology, real estate, energy and infrastructure.

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Orientation sectorielle

CFI utilise une orientation sectorielle spécialisée qui soutient une compréhension approfondie des tendances, des innovations récentes et des réglementations fluctuantes affectant nos clients. Favorisant une culture de collaboration en temps réel au sein du cabinet, CFI s’organise en 16 équipes sectorielles internationales.

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