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CFI France provides mid-market companies and private equity investors with a variety of comprehensive advisory services including M&A, capital raising, debt advisory, restructuring and real estate financing. As part of CFI Group, CFI France – Athema provides its clients with the resources to allow the most suitable strategic buyers or financial investors to acquire French companies. CFI France also advises its French clients in identifying relevant acquisition targets in more than 20 countries. As a multi-sector specialist, CFI France - Athema understands the importance of industry knowledge. Our sector teams provide advisory services combined with strategic market insight, which results in an ability to deliver high quality sector-based transaction advice and getting the right counter parties involved. Sectors covered include: Industrials, IT/Software, Business Services, Food & Beverage, Retail, Energy, Real Estate and Aeronautics. This combined Sector and Geography approach, along with a strong track record of more than 100 transactions, positions CFI France as one of the key M&A players for mid-market companies in France.

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Foco Sectorial

CFI employs a specialised sector focus that supports in-depth understanding of trends, recent innovations, and fluctuating regulations affecting our clients. Fostering a culture of real-time collaboration across the firm, CFI organises itself into 16 international sector teams.

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