In CFI, our team of expert advisors utilizes their experience and cutting edge research methodologies to offer you a comprehensive assessment of your company and offer a clear understanding of your future options. Our full range of services includes valuation, due diligence, and much more, using the full breadth of our local, sector and global knowledge to ideally position your business for its next stage.

Our approach for valuations & opinions

CFI advisors understand what drives and creates value, and use their cumulative decades of expertise to provide analyses with impact, whether aimed at financial, strategic, or legal purposes.

What to expect from our valuations & opinions advisory

CFI advisors use their extensive local knowledge and global sector networks to provide the best possible advice. Once granted access to your data, we help you minimize any risk in your next steps and ensure that you are fairly treated in your future M&A transactions. Our sector experience allows us to take a focused approach to the particulars of your business when considering strategy options, and satisfy any business or asset valuation need.

Our latest transactions in valuations & opinions

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