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As you strive for growth through acquisitions, business valuation gaps and different views on rational pricing can make it hard to find the right deals. Our buy-side mergers and acquisitions advisory team will help you build an acquisition strategy that suits your business best.

Our approach for buy-side mergers and acquisitions

CFI advisors provide a disciplined, process-oriented approach to your acquisition search. Our global reach, combined with a local footprint, can help your company refine acquisition criteria, identify potential target companies and engage prospective targets through native speakers. We analyse valuations, negotiate terms and structure the transaction to bring  about the very best results.

What to expect from our buy-side M&A advisory

CFI is divided into different sector teams, where specialised advisors from all over the world give advice on M&A. With their extensive knowledge of CFI’s target markets, we don’t have to use trial and error methods for our buy-side mergers and acquisitions advisory. This way, we handle processes more efficiently and effectively keeping our approach more focused and making it easier to arrange better deals, whether they be quantitative or qualitative.

Our latest transactions in buy-side advisory

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